Spaces, Spirits and Sea Monsters on Beachy Head - A Short Creative Writing Course

This writing course is based on current, historical and mythological aspects of Beachy Head.

With Liminality, we’ll explore the relationships between land and sea and the symbolism of boundaries and thresholds. For Sea Creatures, we’ll delve into the hidden world of modern marine mammals and cetaceans and the imagined world of folkloric sea monsters. In Genius Loci, we’ll tap into the Roman idea of the Spirit of the Land, of household gods and hero-ancestors, the guardians of hearth and field.

You’ll be invited to create your own writings based around these multi-layered themes while learning a little more about this incredible landscape.

All workshops will be held at The Beachy Head Story.

Liminality: The Space Between. 6th May Workshop

Sea Creatures: Real and Imagined. 3rd June Workshop

Genius Loci: The Spirited Atmosphere. 15th July Workshop