Fossils, Flags and Ancient Features on Beachy Head - A Short Course of Creative Study Walks

This creative study course is a trio of landscape explorations based on the history, geology and archaeology of Beachy Head.

We’ll explore the geology and fossils of the South Downs on a walk to the beach at Cow Gap while considering the work of early fossil hunters Gideon and Mary Mantell. We’ll investigate two centuries of communications archaeology on the headland, while working out how to identify the physical structural remains on the ground, and we’ll take a walk into the dry valley by Bullock Down Farm to gain an understanding of thousands of years of downland farming.

You’ll be invited to create your own writings on these themes as we explore the landscape.

All walks will start and end at The Beachy Head Story. In case of inclement weather, we will contact you to arrange the next suitable day for the walk.

Cow Gap, Gideon and Mrs Mantell: Fossils and Feminism 15th April Walk

Communications from the Headland: Signallers and Structures 20th May Walk

The Archaeology of Bullock Down: Furrows and Families 24th June Walk